Richard Said:


Hi Eddie,

I downloaded your videos last week and think they are great.  I don't even feel bad that they're on sale now for 1/3 off.... They are worth every bit of the $149.  I paid.  There aren't many things I buy that I would say that about.  

I haven't finished looking at all the videos yet,  not even half,  but feel confident they will all be as good as those I've watched.  There's a ton of material included in the package!

Thanks for producing them.  It took creativity, a leap of faith,  a great deal of work, and a desire to create something of lasting value.  Your presentations are clear, down to earth, and as good as any on the job training one could get in a real life situation.  Not glitzy Hollywood, but rather, real, useful information intended to teach.   By the time I'm finished viewing all the videos and finishing my basement,  I'm sure I'll feel like I know you better then most people I know. 

Thanks again,  

Richard Olson

Scott Cook Said:


Hey Eddie and guys!  I bought the full series and love it!  I feel very empowered now to finish my basement - which means a whole lot to my family!  I have always been somewhat handy, but intimidated by framing - especially connecting to existing walls and spaces until these videos.

Thank you!


Scott Cook

Cumming, Georgia

Shawn Said:




Thanks for re-sending plumbing videos 1 and 4.  FYI, I found out that I needed to download those two videos in "standard definition" to get them to work.  All other videos on the total basement package worked in "high definition" except for those two.  Let me know when you finish up your drywall video.  If you ever need me to write a positive review of these videos, I can do so with honesty.



Ahshin Said:


Thank you for producing such an outstanding and to the point series of training videos. I just purchased the Pro Video Series and can't stop watching them. Your videos have given me all the detailed instructions I need and the confidence to finish my basement. 


Can you let me know when your Drywall video will be available? I looking forward to seeing that one too.


Merry Christmas,



Mike Said:


Hi Eddie,

I just wanted to say that your videos are awesome!!

I have been up late every night watching you give us tips on how to work like a pro!

I did have a question for you. I am putting a bathroom in where the main sewer line going out is about 2 foot off the ground. Can I use an up-flush toilet in this case?

If so what brand and model would you recommend and Do you have a video for installing up-flush toilets?

Thanks a lot,

Merry Christmas...Mike

Jared Said:


Just bought the pro-series videos. Love your work and keep it up. Downloading them now and can't wait to watch. I hope this takes off for you. Good Luck!


Doug Leech Said:



I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your videos.  I found you on YouTube and appreciate that you had posted enough of the framing video to show my Dad and I how to frame my basement (which we did today--see picture below.). All 16" on center.

Your YouTube video was so good, I decided to purchase the full framing and building inserts videos so I could try to build an entertainment wall at the far end with build in shelving/tv area.

Thank you again.

Doug Leech

Jim Arend Said,


To test your product I bought the framing videos. I enjoyed them so much now I want to round out my set with the remaining videos from the $147 package you offer. Can I pay the difference between the initial $69 and $147 videos to download the remaining videos associated with the A to Z series? 



Jim Arend


Jerry Gooson Said:


Hi Eddie, 

Thanks so much for the videos. They are by far the best instructional videos on the market for remodeling. I also wanted to check and see if the “Finishing Touches” video had been completed yet. Thanks again,

 Jerry Goodson

Mikey Barrett Said:


Best Videos for Basement framing - you are an excellent teacher! This is so helpful, thanks so much!

Mikey Barratt


Steven Pletchers Said:



How can I get in touch with you to ask a question about two of the videos I recently purchased? I bought the A to Z set. BTW, they are very informative. Thanks for putting the effort into this! This is exactly the kind of information I was looking for to finish my basement.

Steven Pletcher

Mike Greene Said:


Hi Eddie,

    Love your videos. I have finished a couple of other basements. But I really did not know what I was doing. This is the first time my drywall edges actually landed on studs. I also bought a nail gun. What a difference that has made so far. I am now starting to build a built in cabinet for my electronics. I will let you know how it goes.


Mike Greene

Jeff Said:


Hi Eddie! I would like to say thanks for doing this. Any hesitations I had about doing some work in the basement have mostly been put to ease thanks to these videos. Very informative.

Jeff Morgan

Jeff Morgan

Michael Lessard Said:


Hello Eddie. I bought the Basement Finishing A-Z videos yesterday evening; I haven't been able to stop watching them since then. I love it! Any news on when new videos are coming out?

Michael Lessard

Brian Said:



I'm a 20 year drywall/painting contractor that was looking to expand my knowledge of other trades and hopefully my business. I happened to find you here and was skeptical about learning anything from a video. But i have to admit after purchasing one of your videos I'm convinced you know your stuff.

I appreciate the fact that not only do you explain things in detail you also make clear why you do things the way you do to avoid future headaches. I now have purchased several of the videos and have others on my wish list. Keep up the good work.


Frank Nowicki Said:




Hello, my name is Frank Nowicki and I've already purchased the a to z videos, and by the way they were amazing! Thank you! Could have not done what I've completed already without them! My basement is almost done, drywall this weekend!! I can send pictures if you want? But I'm very patiently waiting for the wet bar video?? When will that be ready?? Please let me know, thanks again


-Frank Nowicki


Michael Said:


I live in Toronto, Canada. I recently bought your video collection. I just want to let you know that the videos were incredibly helpful. I cannot believe how much I learned. I am so happy I did not start my basement finishing project before I watched your videos.


They are FANTASTIC! I hope you sell thousands of copies. You deserve it, with such a well made product. 


All the best,




Jasbir Bering Said:


Hi Eddie


I have bought all your videos, they are best basement finishing video. I seen all 20 video . I learned lot , and able to finish my basement myself. I think every home owner should buy these video, and save lot of money by doing work by himself. In books you will miss so many things, things you explained in video , can not be explained in books.


Even somebody does not know english, still can learn lot of things.


Thanks for making these video.


Jasbir Bering

Sabastian Said:



I'll be looking for that drywall video as well! Thanks for adding to your library of topics. I bought the Basement A-Z series and have been thoroughly impressed with the level of detail. Do-it-yourself TV has nothing on you guys! Keep up the good work!

Sabastian Little